The PFE Certified Debt Management Professional (CDMP) program was developed to ensure professionals providing debt management and related services have the knowledge and expertise required of them by employers, consumers and regulators.

Part I – Communicate Your Compassion

Discusses the importance of cultivating the client/counselor relationship and all it takes to make the counseling session a success. The greater understanding a counselor has of how the client perceives money, the more empowered the counselor can be in helping the client implement positive change.

Part II – Personal Financial Management Skills

Discusses the financial components necessary for the success of the counseling session, as well as explaining the tools clients need to have a financially healthy life. Also discussed is identity theft and essential documents that everyone should have.

Part III – Housing and Student Loans

Discusses basic information counselors need to have to be able to answer questions from clients on a variety of housing related issues. Part III also helps to demystify student loans.

Part IV – Consumer Protection Laws

Is a synopsis of consumer protection laws.

Part V – Resource Guide

This is where supporting worksheets, resource lists and a practice exam can be found.